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Black Cloud: A Still Life
iUniverse (2001)

This is the story of learning, relating, and coming of age as seen through the eyes of Erik, the son...

Introduction to Cultural Ecology
AltaMira Press (2009)

A newer edition of this book is available for ordering at the following web address: ...

Water Contamination Emergencies: Can We Cope?
Royal Society of Chemistry (2007)

A welcome review of lessons learnt in the past and an identification of ways in which to improve...

The Qur'an in Context: A Christian Exploration
IVP Academic (2016)

For Westerners the Qur'an is a deeply foreign book. Christians who venture within this sacred...

Perfect ICT Every Lesson
Crown House Publishing (2013)

Technology is at the heart of learning for all of us and every teacher needs to be using social...

Swamp Souths: Literary and Cultural Ecologies

Swamp Souths

Literary and Cultural Ecologies

LSU Press (2020)

Swamp Souths: Literary and Cultural Ecologies expands the geographical scope of scholarship about...

A People's Atlas of Detroit
Wayne State University Press (2020)

Critical, wide-ranging analyses of Detroit’s redevelopment and alternative visions for its future.

Cultivating Arctic Landscapes: Knowing and Managing Animals in the Circumpolar North

Cultivating Arctic Landscapes

Knowing and Managing Animals in the Circumpolar North

Berghahn Books (2004)

In the last two decades, there has been an increased awareness of the traditions and issues that...

Going Public with the Gospel: Reviving Evangelistic Proclamation

Going Public with the Gospel

Reviving Evangelistic Proclamation

IVP Books (2014)

In some circles public evangelism has fallen out of favor. Many churches are daunted by the...

Fire in the Sea

Bioluminescence and Henry Compton's Art of the Deep

David A. McKee, Henry Compton and 4 more...

The cold, stygian dark of the extreme sea depths is home to some of our planet’s strangest...