Martin Kleppmann

Best-selling Author of Designing Data-Intensive Applications

 ?? Martin Kleppmann

Dr Martin Kleppmann is a Senior Research Associate and Affiliated Lecturer at the University of Cambridge Department of Computer Science and Technology, funded by a Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship and the Isaac Newton Trust. He works on local-first collaboration software and distributed systems security. Martin has over a decade of experience working on large-scale data systems during his time at LinkedIn and Rapportive.

In 2017 he wrote the best-selling technology book Designing Data-Intensive Applications. It covers the architecture of a broad range of databases and distributed data processing systems. Kevin Scott, CTO of Microsoft gives it the following praise: "This book should be required reading for software engineers. Designing Data-Intensive Applications is a rare resource that connects theory and practice to help developers make smart decisions as they design and implement data infrastructure and systems."

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