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The Dynamics of Social Practice: Everyday Life and how it Changes

The Dynamics of Social Practice

Everyday Life and how it Changes

Elizabeth Shove, Mika Pantzar and 1 more...
SAGE Publications (2012)

A Clever, innovative book which makes an important contribution to social theory and social policy....

Volcanic Ash: Hazard Observation

Volcanic Ash

Hazard Observation

Elsevier Science (2016)

Volcanic Ash: Hazard Observation presents an introduction followed by four sections, each on a...

Sport and Christianity: Practices for the Twenty-First Century

Sport and Christianity

Practices for the Twenty-First Century

Matt Hoven, Andrew Parker and 1 more...
Bloomsbury Publishing (2019)

Many people are passionate about sport, yet few give thought to its role and importance in their...

Here I Stand: Stories that Speak for Freedom
Walker Books (2016)

A thought-provoking collection of short stories and poems exploring the rights and freedoms we can...