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An Introduction to Law
Cambridge University Press (2006)

Definitive introduction to law for all students of the subject.

An Introduction to Law
Cambridge University Press (2015)

An extensively updated introduction to law through a 'law in context' perspective.

Machiavelli, Marketing and Management
Taylor and Francis (2000)

This cutting edge text provides insight into the meaning and interpretation of Machiavelli, and...

The SAGE Handbook of International Corporate and Public Affairs
SAGE Publications (2016)

The new edition of this book includes increased international coverage of the field, and a strong...

Newer Insights into Marketing: Cross-Cultural and Cross-National Perspectives

Newer Insights into Marketing

Cross-Cultural and Cross-National Perspectives

Taylor and Francis (2014)

Through Newer Insights Into Marketing: Cross-Cultural and Cross-National Perspectives, you will...

European Business and Marketing
SAGE Publications (2004)

The second edition has been fully revised and includes new chapters on marketing strategy in Europe...

Handbook of Public Affairs
SAGE Publications (2005)

'When the next generation of public affairs practitioners look back to the beginning of the twenty...

Clark's Essential Physics in Imaging for Radiographers
CRC Press (2013)

It is essential that any practitioner working in an imaging department and using ionizing radiation...

Welfare Law and Order: A Critical Introduction to Law for Social Workers

Welfare Law and Order

A Critical Introduction to Law for Social Workers

Macmillan Education UK (1982)

Toward Human Emergence
HRD Press (2010)

Toward Human Emergence is a helpful and positive analysis from a behavioral science viewpoint of...