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The Globotics Upheaval: Globalisation, Robotics and the Future of Work

The Globotics Upheaval

Globalisation, Robotics and the Future of Work

Orion (2019)

Automation, artificial intelligence and robotics are changing our lives quickly - but digital...

Multilateralizing Regionalism: Challenges for the Global Trading System

Multilateralizing Regionalism

Challenges for the Global Trading System

Cambridge University Press (2009)

A collection of revised papers from the 'Multilateralizing Regionalism' conference, held at the WTO...

Induced Responses to Herbivory
University of Chicago Press (2007)

Plants face a daunting array of creatures that eat them, bore into them, and otherwise use virtually...

Dynamic Issues in Commercial Policy Analysis
Cambridge University Press (1999)

Dynamic Issues in Commercial Policy Analysis focuses on the explicit specification of dynamic...

Market Integration, Regionalism and the Global Economy
Cambridge University Press (1999)

Demonstrates how new techniques of economic analysis can be used to study the process of regional...

East Asian Economic Regionalism: Feasibilities and Challenges

East Asian Economic Regionalism

Feasibilities and Challenges

Springer US (2006)

Economic regionalism has become a worldwide phenomenon. Since the Asian financial crisis, East Asian...

The Dynamics of Industrial Competition: A North American Perspective

The Dynamics of Industrial Competition

A North American Perspective

John R. Baldwin, Paul Gorecki and 3 more...
Cambridge University Press (1995)

This 1995 book provides the first comprehensive quantitative examination of the processes associated...

Economic Geography and Public Policy
Princeton University Press (2011)

Research on the spatial aspects of economic activity has flourished over the past decade due to the...

Synthetic Biology — A Primer: Revised
World Scientific Publishing Company (2015)

Synthetic Biology — A Primer (Revised Edition) presents an updated overview of the field of...

Farrar, Straus and Giroux (2013)

A groundbreaking translation of the epic work of one of the great minds of the nineteenth century ...