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The Origins of Beowulf: From Vergil to Wiglaf

The Origins of Beowulf

From Vergil to Wiglaf

OUP Oxford (2007)

This fascinating study suggests that the Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf was composed in the winter of...

The Many Not The Few: The Stolen History of the Battle of Britain

The Many Not The Few

The Stolen History of the Battle of Britain

Bloomsbury Publishing (2012)

Immortalised in Churchill's often quoted assertion that never before "was so much owed by so many to...

The Final Judgement
Random House (2010)

A young man is brutally murdered. His distraught girlfriend is the prime suspect. Her aunt, Caroline...

Eyes Of A Child
Random House (2010)

Chris Paget's well ordered world is blown apart by his love for his assistant, Terri, in the sequel...

Degree Of Guilt
Random House (2010)

Christopher Paget is a trial lawyer with a famous past: as a young investigator in Washington he...

Silent Witness
Random House (2010)

1967, Lake City, Ohio. Tony Lord and Sam Robb, both in their teens, are best friends and athletic...

The Outside Man
Random House (2011)

Set in Alabama, society lawyer Adam Shaw is married to the beautiful Kris Ann who has bound him to a...

No Safe Place
Random House Publishing Group (2003)

In the high-stakes, high-pressure world of presidential politics, where predators carry microphones...

Protect and Defend
Random House Publishing Group (2003)

On a cold day in January, President-elect Kerry Kilcannon takes the oath of office—and within days...

Silent Witness
St. Martin's Publishing Group (2011)

After the murder of his high school sweetheart left him shattered, Tony Lord vowed never to return...