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Future Families: Diverse Forms, Rich Possibilities

Future Families

Diverse Forms, Rich Possibilities

Wiley (2013)

Future Families explores the variety of family forms which characterize our contemporary culture,...

Recent Trends in Social Learning Theory
Elsevier Science (2014)

Recent Trends in Social Learning Theory offers a convenient overview of the state of social learning...

Children in Changing Worlds: Sociocultural and Temporal Perspectives

Children in Changing Worlds

Sociocultural and Temporal Perspectives

Cambridge University Press (2019)

Applies a historical, cultural, and life-course developmental framework toward understanding...

Children in Time and Place: Developmental and Historical Insights

Children in Time and Place

Developmental and Historical Insights

Cambridge University Press (1994)

Each generation of American children across the tumultuous twentieth century has come of age in the...

Exploring Family Relationships With Other Social Contexts
Taylor and Francis (2013)

In the 1990s it is no longer "news" that families do not operate independently from other social...

Family-Peer Relationships: Modes of Linkage
Taylor and Francis (2016)

Originally published in 1992, this volume provided an up-to-date overview of recent research...

On New Shores: Understanding Immigrant Fathers in North America

On New Shores

Understanding Immigrant Fathers in North America

Lexington Books (2008)

On New Shores focuses on immigrant fathers in North America and provides readers with a richer and...

Immigrant Children: Change, Adaptation, and Cultural Transformation

Immigrant Children

Change, Adaptation, and Cultural Transformation

Susan S. Chuang, Michele Adams and 27 more...
Lexington Books (2011)

This edited book focuses on immigrant and refugee children around the world and will provide readers...