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Cognitive Dynamic Systems: Perception-action Cycle, Radar and Radio

Cognitive Dynamic Systems

Perception-action Cycle, Radar and Radio

Cambridge University Press (2012)

A groundbreaking book from Simon Haykin, setting out the fundamental ideas and highlighting a range...

Kalman Filtering and Neural Networks

State-of-the-art coverage of Kalman filter methods for the design of neural networks This...

Adaptive Radar Signal Processing
Wiley (2007)

This collaborative work presents the results of over twenty years of pioneering research by...

Adaptive Signal Processing: Next Generation Solutions

Leading experts present the latest research results in adaptive signal processing Recent...

Fundamentals of Cognitive Radio

A comprehensive treatment of cognitive radio networks and the specialized techniques used to improve...

Space-Time Layered Information Processing for Wireless Communications

Discover cutting-edge research in wireless communications This book presents cutting-edge...

Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Channel Models: Theory and Practice

A complete discussion of MIMO communications, from theory to real-world applications The emerging...

Kernel Adaptive Filtering: A Comprehensive Introduction

Kernel Adaptive Filtering

A Comprehensive Introduction

Online learning from a signal processing perspective There is increased interest in kernel...

Handbook on Array Processing and Sensor Networks

A handbook on recent advancements and the state of the art in array processing and sensor Networks ...

The Impact of Cognition on Radar Technology
The Institution of Engineering and Technology (2017)

This book is an essential exploration of the application of cognitive concepts in the development of...