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Constitution-Making and Transnational Legal Order
Cambridge University Press (2019)

Constitutions are no longer exclusively national projects, but increasingly result from broader...

From Parchment to Practice: Implementing New Constitutions

From Parchment to Practice

Implementing New Constitutions

Cambridge University Press (2020)

Asks how the 'parchment' promises of a written constitution are translated into political practice,...

Legal Reform in Korea
Taylor and Francis (2004)

Law in Korea has historically been viewed as merely a tool of authoritarian rule, but since the...

Administrative Law and Governance in Asia: Comparative Perspectives
Taylor and Francis (2008)

This book examines administrative law in Asia, exploring the profound changes in the legal regimes...

Judicial Reputation: A Comparative Theory
University of Chicago Press (2015)

Judges are society’s elders and experts, our masters and mediators. We depend on them to dispense...