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Policy Transfer And Criminal Justice
McGraw-Hill Education (2006)

Contains the study of policy transfer in criminal justice and crime control. This book focuses upon...

Plural Policing: A Comparative Perspective

Plural Policing

A Comparative Perspective

Taylor and Francis (2006)

Policing is changing rapidly and radically. An increasingly complex array of public, private and...

Tourism and Crime: Key Themes
Goodfellow Publishers Ltd (2010)

Recent years have seen growing media and political attention to the issue of tourism and crime in a...

Early Socratic Dialogues
Penguin Books Ltd (2005)

Rich in drama and humour, they include the controversial Ion, a debate on poetic inspiration;...

Active Collections
Taylor and Francis (2017)

In recent years, many museums have implemented sweeping changes in how they engage audiences....

Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Elsevier Science (1995)

The seventh volume of Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences heralds a welcome continuation of this...

Climate Change, Ecology and Systematics
Cambridge University Press (2011)

A detailed examination of the ongoing impact of climate change on the ecology and diversity of life...

Pharmaceutical Formulation: The Science and Technology of Dosage Forms

Pharmaceutical Formulation

The Science and Technology of Dosage Forms

Royal Society of Chemistry (2018)

Pharmaceutical Formulation provides an up to date source of information for all who wish to...

Communication Perspectives on Popular Culture

Communication Perspectives on Popular Culture contains all new writings from many important...

Evocative Objects: Things We Think With

Evocative Objects

Things We Think With

Sherry Turkle, Tod Machover and 34 more...
The MIT Press (2011)

Autobiographical essays, framed by two interpretive essays by the editor, describe the power of an...