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Morality Without God?
Oxford University Press (2009)

Walter Sinnott-Armstrong argues that God is not only not essential to morality, but that our moral...

Think Again: How to Reason and Argue

Think Again

How to Reason and Argue

Penguin Books Ltd (2018)

A deeply enlightening book on how to be persuasive from an inspiring philosopher who teaches one of...

Pyrrhonian Skepticism
Oxford University Press (2004)

Throughout the history of philosophy, skepticism has posed one of the central challenges of...

Moral Skepticisms
Oxford University Press (2006)

All contentious moral issues--from gay marriage to abortion and affirmative action--raise difficult...

Bioprediction, Biomarkers, and Bad Behavior: Scientific, Legal, and Ethical Challenges

Bioprediction, Biomarkers, and Bad Behavior

Scientific, Legal, and Ethical Challenges

Oxford University Press (2013)

Many decisions in law and elsewhere depend on predictions of crimes and mental illnesses. Can...

Handbook on Psychopathy and Law
Oxford University Press (2013)

Psychopaths constitute less than 1% of the general population, but they commit a much larger...

Finding Consciousness: The Neuroscience, Ethics, and Law of Severe Brain Damage

Finding Consciousness

The Neuroscience, Ethics, and Law of Severe Brain Damage

Oxford University Press (2016)

The prominent contributors provide background information, survey the issues and positions, and take...

Conscious Will and Responsibility: A Tribute to Benjamin Libet
Oxford University Press (2010)

The commonsense view that we do the acts we do because we consciously choose to do them has been...

Clean Hands: Philosophical Lessons from Scrupulosity

Clean Hands

Philosophical Lessons from Scrupulosity

Oxford University Press (2019)

People with Scrupulosity have rigorous, obsessive moral beliefs that lead to extreme and compulsive...

Moral Psychology, Volume 5: Virtue and Character
MIT Press (2017)

Groundbreaking essays and commentaries on the ways that recent findings in psychology and...