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Tree Climbing Robot: Design, Kinematics and Motion Planning

Tree Climbing Robot

Design, Kinematics and Motion Planning

Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2012)

Robots can’t climb trees. Or can they? This volume features the work of leading experts who have...

Household Service Robotics
Elsevier Science (2014)

Copyright ©2015 Zhejiang University Press, Published by Elsevier Inc. Household Service Robotics...

Human Behavior Learning and Transfer
CRC Press (2005)

Bridging the gap between human-computer engineering and control engineering, Human Behavior Learning...

Intelligent Surveillance Systems

As shortcomings such as high labor costs make intelligent surveillance systems more desirable, this...

Intelligent Wearable Interfaces
Wiley (2008)

A thorough introduction to the development and applications of intelligent wearable interfaces As...

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design and Control: Intelligent Omnidirectional Hybrids
McGraw-Hill Education (2013)

Build state-of-the-art intelligent omnidirectional HEVs Engineer high-performance, low-emission...