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Fuzzy Logic and Hydrological Modeling
CRC Press (2009)

The hydrological sciences typically present grey or fuzzy information, making them quite messy and a...

Practical and Applied Hydrogeology
Elsevier Science (2014)

Applications in Hydrogeology for Geoscientists presents the most recent scientific developments in...

Applied Drought Modeling, Prediction, and Mitigation
Elsevier Science (2015)

Applied Drought Modelling, Prediction, and Mitigation provides a practical guide to new and recent...

Wadi Hydrology
CRC Press (2008)

The literature of hydrology abounds with texts on the hydrological and water resource problems...

Applied Hydrogeology for Scientists and Engineers
CRC Press (2017)

In order to properly plan, design, and operate groundwater resources projects, it is necessary to...

Philosophical, Logical and Scientific Perspectives in Engineering
Springer International Publishing (2013)

In a stimulating exploration of the role played by philosophy, logic, and science in the study of...

Spatial Modeling Principles in Earth Sciences
Springer International Publishing (2016)

This is a revised and updated second edition, including new chapters on temporal and point...

Innovative Trend Methodologies in Science and Engineering
Springer International Publishing (2017)

This book covers all types of literature on existing trend analysis approaches, but more than 60% of...

Flood Modeling, Prediction and Mitigation
Springer International Publishing (2017)

This book draws on the author’s professional experience and expertise in humid and arid regions to...

Earth Systems Data Processing and Visualization Using MATLAB
Springer International Publishing (2019)

This book is designed to provide easy means of problem solving based on the science...