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The Guns of the South: A Novel
Random House Publishing Group (2011)

"It is absolutely unique--without question the most fascinating Civil War novel I have ever read."...

The Best Alternate History Stories of the 20th Century: Stories
Random House Publishing Group (2002)

Explore fascinating, often chilling “ what if ” accounts of the world that could have ...

Homeward Bound
Random House Publishing Group (2004)

The twentieth century was awash in war. World powers were pouring men and machines onto the killing...

Drive to the East: Settling Accounts, Book Two

Drive to the East

Settling Accounts, Book Two

Random House Publishing Group (2005)

“Turtledove never tires of exploring the paths not taken, bringing to his storytelling a prodigious...

In the Presence of Mine Enemies
Penguin Publishing Group (2004)

In the twenty-first century, Germany's Third Reich continues to thrive after its victory in World...

Opening Atlantis
Atlantis Series (No. 1)
Penguin Publishing Group (2007)

Atlantis lies between Europe and the East Coast of Terranova. For many years, this land of...

Days of Infamy
Penguin Publishing Group (2004)

On December 7, 1941, the Japanese launched an attack against United States naval forces stationed in...

American Front (The Great War, Book One)
Random House Publishing Group (2006)

“This is state-of-the-art alternate history, nothing less.”— Publishers Weekly (starred review) ...

The Tale of Krispos: Krispos Rising  Krispos of Videssos  Krispos the Emperor

The Tale of Krispos

Krispos Rising Krispos of Videssos Krispos the Emperor

Random House Publishing Group (2007)

The dazzling story of a boy who rises from poverty and hardship to become the greatest leader his...

End of the Beginning
Penguin Publishing Group (2005)

Six weeks ago, Imperial Japanese military forces conquered and occupied the Hawaiian Islands. A...