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The Gravedigger's Daughter: A Novel
HarperCollins (2009)

Fleeing Nazi Germany in 1936, the Schwarts immigrate to a small town in upstate New York. Here the...

I Am No One You Know: And Other Stories
HarperCollins (2009)

I Am No One You Know contains nineteen startling stories that bear witness to the remarkably varied...

Black Girl,/White Girl: A Novel
HarperCollins (2009)

Fifteen years ago, in 1975, Genna Hewett-Meade's college roommate died a mysterious, violent,...

The Falls: A Novel
HarperCollins (2009)

It is 1950 and, after a disastrous honeymoon night, Ariah Erskine's young husband throws himself...

Big Mouth & Ugly Girl
HarperCollins (2009)

Big Mouth No I did not. I did not, I did not. I did not say those things, and I did not plan those...

We Were the Mulvaneys
Penguin Publishing Group (2001)

An Oprah Book Club® selection A New York Times Notable Book The Mulvaneys are blessed by all...

High Lonesome: New and Selected Stories 1966-2006

High Lonesome

New and Selected Stories 1966-2006

HarperCollins (2009)

No other writer can match the impressive oeuvre of Joyce Carol Oates. High Lonesome: New and...

After the Wreck, I Picked Myself Up, Spread My Wings, and Flew Away
HarperCollins (2009)

In the raw was how the world felt now. My feelings were raw, my thoughts were raw and hurtful like...

On Boxing
HarperCollins (2009)

A reissue of bestselling, award-winning author Joyce Carol Oates' classic collection of essays on...

Little Bird of Heaven: A Novel
HarperCollins (2009)

Little Bird of Heaven by Joyce Carol Oates is a riveting story of love violently lost and found in...