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Monte Carlo Simulation for the Pharmaceutical Industry: Concepts, Algorithms, and Case Studies
CRC Press (2010)

Helping you become a creative, logical thinker and skillful "simulator," Monte Carlo Simulation for...

Introductory Adaptive Trial Designs: A Practical Guide with R
CRC Press (2015)

All the Essentials to Start Using Adaptive Designs in No TimeCompared to traditional clinical trial...

Adaptive Design Theory and Implementation Using SAS and R
CRC Press (2012)

Adaptive design has become an important tool in modern pharmaceutical research and development....

Classical and Adaptive Clinical Trial Designs Using ExpDesign Studio
Wiley (2008)

ExpDesign Studio facilitates more efficient clinical trial design This book introduces...

Paradoxes in Scientific Inference
CRC Press (2012)

Paradoxes are poems of science and philosophy that collectively allow us to address broad...

Principles of Scientific Methods
CRC Press (2016)

Principles of Scientific Methods focuses on the fundamental principles behind scientific methods....

Modern Issues and Methods in Biostatistics
Springer New York (2011)

This book introduces modern methods in biostatistics and helps researchers and students quickly...

Adaptive Design Methods in Clinical Trials
CRC Press (2006)

Although adaptive design methods are flexible and useful in clinical research, little or no...

Adaptive Design Methods in Clinical Trials
CRC Press (2011)

With new statistical and scientific issues arising in adaptive clinical trial design, including the...

Clinical and Statistical Considerations in Personalized Medicine
CRC Press (2014)

The Future of Clinical Research and Health Care: From Empirical to Precision MedicineClinical and...