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Physics of Sailing
CRC Press (1753)

Breaking down the complicated concepts of speed, acceleration, torque, fluid mechanics, and surface...

Generalized Linear Models with Random Effects: Unified Analysis via H-likelihood, Second Edition

Generalized Linear Models with Random Effects (2nd ed.)

Unified Analysis via H-likelihood, Second Edition

Youngjo Lee, John A. Nelder and 1 more...
CRC Press (2018)

This is the second edition of a monograph on generalized linear models with random effects that...

Missing and Modified Data in Nonparametric Estimation: With R Examples
CRC Press (2018)

This book presents a systematic and unified approach for modern nonparametric treatment of missing...

Innovative Strategies, Statistical Solutions and Simulations for Modern Clinical Trials
CRC Press (2019)

" This is truly an outstanding book. [It] brings together all of the latest research in clinical...

Mastering the UCAT, Third Edition
CRC Press (2019)

Drawing on The Medic Portal’s established track record, the third edition of this popular revision...

Molecular Biology of the Cell
CRC Press (2017)

As the amount of information in biology expands dramatically, it becomes increasingly important for...

Logistic Regression Models
CRC Press (1753)

Logistic Regression Models presents an overview of the full range of logistic models, including...

Simultaneous Inference in Regression
CRC Press (2010)

Simultaneous confidence bands enable more intuitive and detailed inference of regression analysis...

Statistics of Medical Imaging
CRC Press (2011)

Statistical investigation into technology not only provides a better understanding of the intrinsic...

Dynamic Prediction in Clinical Survival Analysis
CRC Press (2011)

There is a huge amount of literature on statistical models for the prediction of survival after...