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ASE Test Prep- A1 Engine Repair
Course Technology PTR (2011)

The fifth edition of Delmar’s Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Test Preparation Manual for...

Active Interviewing: Branding, Selling, and Presenting Yourself to Win Your Next Job

Active Interviewing

Branding, Selling, and Presenting Yourself to Win Your Next Job

Course Technology PTR (2011)

Outshine the competition in any interviewing situation with the unique, presentation-based approach...

Hands-On Ethical Hacking and Network Defense
Course Technology PTR (2012)

It's nearly impossible to pick up a newspaper or read your favorite online news source these...

Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform 7
Course Technology PTR (2010)

CREATING INTERACTIVE FICTION WITH INFORM 7 is a jargon-free, step-by-step guide to mastering the...

Algebra: Master Math

Algebra (2nd ed.)

Master Math

Course Technology PTR (2009)

Get ready to master the principles and operations of algebra! Master Math: Algebra is a...

The Short Screenplay: Your Short Film from Concept to Production

The Short Screenplay

Your Short Film from Concept to Production

Course Technology PTR (2006)

With the growth of film festivals, cable networks, specialty home video, and the Internet, there are...

The Mixing Engineer's Handbook
Course Technology PTR (2006)

Secrets of the top mixing engineers are revealed in this second edition of the bestselling Mixing...

Music Theory for Computer Musicians
Course Technology PTR (2008)

Many DJs, gigging musicians, and electronic music producers understand how to play their instruments...

Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner
Course Technology PTR (2009)

If you are new to programming with Python and are looking for a solid introduction, this is the book...

Pro Tools 101: An Introduction to Pro Tools 10

Pro Tools 101

An Introduction to Pro Tools 10

Course Technology PTR (2011)

Learn Pro Tools the way the pros do. PRO TOOLS 101: AN INTRODUCTION TO PRO TOOLS 10 is the official...