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Plate Heat Exchangers: Design, Applications and Performance

Plate Heat Exchangers

Design, Applications and Performance

L. Wang, B. Sunden and 1 more...
WIT Press (2007)

Heat exchangers are important, and used frequently in the processing, heat and power,...

Traditional Architecture of the Arabian Gulf: Building on Desert Tides
WIT Press (2008)

This book chronicles the florescence of architecture in the Arabian Gulf after the expulsion of the...

Broadband Power Line Communication Systems: Theory and Applications
WIT Press (2010)

The advancement in information and communication technologies (ICT) has made it possible that...

Ecodynamics: The Prigogine Legacy: The Prigogine Legacy
WIT Press (2011)

The aim of ecodynamics is to relate ecosystems to evolutionary thermodynamics, which can lead to...

Aluminium Alloy Corrosion of Aircraft Structures: Modelling and Simulation
WIT Press (2012)

Bringing together the latest research this book applies new modelling techniques to corrosion issues...

How to Make Two Lane Rural Roads Safer: Scientific Background and Guide for Practical Application

How to Make Two Lane Rural Roads Safer

Scientific Background and Guide for Practical Application

R Lamm, A. Beck and 4 more...
WIT Press (2006)

When accidents happen, drivers are blamed for the mishap. When drivers consistently fail at certain...

Eco-Exergy as Sustainability
WIT Press (2006)

In recent years, the economy has determined the agenda when environmental issues are concerned using...

Monitoring, Simulation, Prevention and Remediation of Dense and Debris Flows III
WIT Press (2010)

Debris and hyper-concentrated flows are among the most destructive of all water related disasters....

Power Supply, Energy Management and Catenary Problems
WIT Press (2010)

In recent years, energy efficiency has become a crucial concern for every transportation mode, but...

Bridge Aeroelasticity: Sensitivity Analysis and Optimum Design

Bridge Aeroelasticity

Sensitivity Analysis and Optimum Design

J.A. Jurado, S. Hernandez and 2 more...
WIT Press (2011)

This book is dedicated to the study of an aeroelastic phenomenon of cable-supported long-span...