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Property in Securities: A Comparative Study

Property in Securities

A Comparative Study

Cambridge University Press (2007)

Micheler analyses the legal nature of investment securities in German, Austrian and English law.

The Electronic Communications Code and Property Law: Practice and Procedure
CRC Press (2018)

Life now without access to electronic telecommunications would be regarded as highly unsatisfactory...

Property Law: Commentary and Materials

Property Law

Commentary and Materials

Cambridge University Press (2005)

A readable students' text and materials book dealing with all kinds of property law.

Trusts Law: Text and Materials

Trusts Law (4th ed.)

Text and Materials

Graham Moffat, Gerry Bean and 1 more...
Cambridge University Press (2005)

An up-to-date contextual approach to the core subjects of Equity and Trusts.

An Introduction to Property Theory
Cambridge University Press (2012)

An introduction to the leading modern theories of property and applies those theories to concrete...

Comparative Property Law: Global Perspectives
Edward Elgar Publishing (2017)

Comparative Property Law provides a comprehensive treatment of property law from a comparative and...

Dictionary of Property and Construction Law
CRC Press (2001)

This is a new dictionary which provides a clear and concise explanation of terms used in land,...

Dimensions of Private Law: Categories and Concepts in Anglo-American Legal Reasoning

Dimensions of Private Law

Categories and Concepts in Anglo-American Legal Reasoning

Cambridge University Press (2003)

This book considers the inherent complexities of private law; relevant to property, tort, contract,...

The Right to Property in Commonwealth Constitutions
Cambridge University Press (2000)

Practical, theoretical and historical approach to constitutional rights to property in Commonwealth...

Unjustified Enrichment: Key Issues in Comparative Perspective

Unjustified Enrichment

Key Issues in Comparative Perspective

Cambridge University Press (2002)

Comparative analyses of a range of key issues related to unjustified enrichment, an important area...