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Radiogenic Isotope Geochemistry: A Guide for Industry Professionals

Radiogenic Isotope Geochemistry

A Guide for Industry Professionals

Cambridge University Press (2016)

An accessible overview of radiogenic isotopes, dataset evaluation and real-world applications for...

Climate Change in Practice: Topics for Discussion with Group Exercises

Climate Change in Practice

Topics for Discussion with Group Exercises

Cambridge University Press (2017)

This accessible book challenges and provokes readers by posing a series of topical questions...

Physics for Geologists, Second Edition
Taylor and Francis (2002)

All geologists need a broad understanding of science to understand the processes they study and...

The Planet in a Pebble: A journey into Earth's deep history

The Planet in a Pebble

A journey into Earth's deep history

OUP Oxford (2010)

In this narrative of the Earth's long and dramatic history, Jan Zalasiewicz shows how many events in...

Creativity: Theories and Themes: Research, Development, and Practice


Theories and Themes: Research, Development, and Practice

Elsevier Science (2010)

An integrative introduction to the theories and themes in research on creativity, this book is both...

Geological Structures and Maps: A Practical Guide

Geological Structures and Maps (3rd ed.)

A Practical Guide

Elsevier Science (2003)

This highly illustrated student guide introduces the skills of interpreting a geological map and...

Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production and Workover
Elsevier Science (2002)

The most complete manual of its kind, this handy book gives you all the formulas and calculations...

Australian Soils and Landscapes: An Illustrated Compendium

Australian Soils and Landscapes

An Illustrated Compendium

Neil McKenzie, David Jacquier and 2 more...
CSIRO Publishing (2004)

A unique compendium of the most important and widespread soils of Australia and their associated...

Introduction to the Physics of the Earth's Interior
Cambridge University Press (2000)

New edition of successful textbook on deep Earth for advanced students in geophysics and mineralogy.

New Theory of the Earth
Cambridge University Press (2007)

An interdisciplinary textbook on the origin, composition, evolution of Earth's interior, for...