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Advice for a Young Investigator
The MIT Press (2004)

An anecdotal guide for the perplexed new investigator as well as a refreshing resource for the old...

Still Lives: Narratives of Spinal Cord Injury

Still Lives

Narratives of Spinal Cord Injury

The MIT Press (2006)

An examination, through personal narratives and reflective commentary, of life without sensation or...

The Big Book of Concepts
The MIT Press (2004)

Concepts embody our knowledge of the kinds of things there are in the world. Tying our past...

Models and Cognition
The MIT Press (2012)

A groundbreaking argument challenging the traditional linguistic representational model of cognition...

I of the Vortex: From Neurons to Self

I of the Vortex

From Neurons to Self

The MIT Press (2002)

A highly original theory of how the mind-brain works, based on the author's study of single neuronal...

Rediscovering Empathy: Agency, Folk Psychology, and the Human Sciences

Rediscovering Empathy

Agency, Folk Psychology, and the Human Sciences

The MIT Press (2010)

Empathy as epistemically central for our folk psychological understanding of other minds; a...

Belief's Own Ethics
The MIT Press (2006)

The fundamental question of the ethics of belief is "What ought one to believe?" According to the...

Free Will as an Open Scientific Problem
The MIT Press (2012)

An argument that the problem of free will boils down to an open scientific question about the causal...

The Visual Neurosciences

An essential reference book for visual science.

Advances in the Evolutionary Synthesis of Intelligent Agents
The MIT Press (2001)

This book explores a central issue in artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and artificial...