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The Death Trust: A Vin Cooper Novel 1
Pan Macmillan Australia (2007)

When the commander of the vast NATO Ramstein Air Base in Germany, United States General Abraham...

A Knife Edge: A Vin Cooper Novel 2
Pan Macmillan Australia (2007)

While working on a top-secret research program for the US Department of Defense in the freezing...

Hard Rain: A Vin Cooper Novel 3
Pan Macmillan Australia (2008)

When the US Attache to Turkey, Colonel Emmet Portman, is found butchered in his Istanbul residence,...

Ghost Watch: A Vin Cooper Novel 4
Pan Macmillan Australia (2010)

Special Agent Vin Cooper is feeling reckless. He volunteers for the dumbest and most dangerous job...

War Lord: A Vin Cooper Novel 5
Pan Macmillan Australia (2012)

A $15 million ransom. A plane down in the remote swamps of Darwin. A new partner who plays by the...