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After America's Midlife Crisis
The MIT Press (2009)

A longtime community organizer outlines a way to reverse the fifty-year decline in social mobility...

Movies and the Moral Adventure of Life
The MIT Press (2007)

Essays on small art films and big-budget blockbusters, including Antonia's Line , American Beauty...

God and the Welfare State
The MIT Press (2006)

Can religion cure poverty? The first book to explore the ideas about God and government behind the...

Making Aid Work
The MIT Press (2007)

An encouraging account of the potential of foreign aid to reduce poverty and a challenge to all aid...

Lurching Toward Happiness in America
The MIT Press (2014)

Amid confusing and alarmist media claims about our changing culture, Claude Fischer sets the record...

Back to Full Employment
The MIT Press (2012)

Why we should put full employment back on the national agenda and how we can summon the political...

Occupy the Future
The MIT Press (2013)

How the Occupy movement has challenged the gap between American principles and American practice—and...

A Constitution for All Times
The MIT Press (2013)

A prominent lawyer and legal scholar describes her vision of an evolving Constitution, examining...

The Syria Dilemma
The MIT Press (2013)

Can we stop the bleeding in Syria without its becoming another Iraq?

A Case for Climate Engineering
The MIT Press (2013)

A leading scientist argues that we must consider deploying climate engineering technology to slow...