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The Complete Short Stories
Canons Series (No. 2)
Canongate Books (2011)

From the cruel irony of ‘A member of the Family’ to the fateful echoes of ‘The Go-Away Bird’ and the...

The Howling Miller
Canons Series (No. 5)
Canongate Books (2007)

Gunnar Huttunen arrives in North Finland after the war and buys a dilapidated mill. Despite being a...

The People Of The Sea: Celtic Tales of the Seal-Folk

The People Of The Sea

Celtic Tales of the Seal-Folk

Canons Series (No. 8)
Canongate Books (2010)

Introduced by Seamus Heaney.David Thomson?s travels in the Gaelic world of the Hebrides and the west...

A Sunday At The Pool In Kigali
Canons Series (No. 10)
Canongate Books (2003)

In the middle of Kigali is a swimming pool at the Hôtel des Mille-Collines. It is a magnet for a...

Canons Series (No. 13)
Canongate Books (2012)

Orlando is destined to live for four hundred years . . .During the Elizabethan era, the young...

The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones
Canons Series (No. 16)
Canongate Books (2012)

'Sounding like one instrument, a wild whirling bagpipe, the Stones chugged to a halt. But the crowd...

My First Summer In The Sierra
Canons Series (No. 26)
Canongate Books (2010)

In the summer of 1869, John Muir set out from California's Central Valley with a flock of sheep and...

The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ
Canons Series (No. 27)
Canongate Books (2009)

'If I vanished he wouldn't notice, if I died he wouldn't care. I think of him all the time, and he...

Trout Fishing in America
Canons Series (No. 30)
Canongate Books (2014)

Richard Brautigan's wonderfully zany, hilarious episodic novel set amongst the rural waterways of...

Sombrero Fallout: A Japanese Novel
Canons Series (No. 31)
Canongate Books (2012)

A heartbroken American writer starts a story about an ice-cold sombrero that falls inexplicably from...