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CSI: In Extremis: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

CSI: In Extremis

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Pocket Books (2007)

A ruthless and expertly trained contract killer is on assignment in Nevada's remote Desert National...

CSI: Miami: Cut and Run: CSI: Miami
Pocket Books (2008)

By air, sea, and land the members of the Miami-Dade Crime Lab are called out. In a field outside the...

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Brass in Pocket
Pocket Books (2009)

Far from the glittering lights and 24/7 spectacle of the Strip, the Las Vegas Crime Lab's team of...

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: The Killing Jar
Pocket Books (2009)

A teenager is found dead in his motel room, the cause of death: millipede poison...Now crime scene...

Sin City
CSI Series (No. 2)
Pocket Books (2002)

Meet the little known and even less understood heroes of police work in Las Vegas -- the forensic...

Cold Burn
CSI Series (No. 3)
Pocket Books (2003)

An original novel in the forensic crime mystery series based on the critically acclaimed hit TV...

Body of Evidence
CSI Series (No. 4)
Pocket Books (2003)

Early one quiet Monday morning, in an empty executive office, assistant Janice Denard begins to...

Grave Matters
CSI Series (No. 5)
Pocket Books (2004)

Rebecca Bennett, the estranged stepdaughter of a well-to-do Las Vegas businessman, is hounding the...

Binding Ties
CSI Series (No. 6)
Pocket Books (2005)

A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

Killing Game
CSI Series (No. 7)
Pocket Books (2005)

The machinations of a new supervisor may have altered Gil Grissom's team of skillful CSIs, as...