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Why Wars Happen
Reaktion Books (2005)

Why Wars Happen is a groundbreaking inquiry into the crucial yet surprisingly understudied question...

Sovereign City: The City-State Ancient and Modern

Sovereign City

The City-State Ancient and Modern

Reaktion Books (2005)

The city has had a rich and tumultuous history, evolving from a powerful political entity in ancient...

History of Reading
Reaktion Books (2004)

Steven Roger Fischer’s fascinating book traces the complete story of reading from the time when...

History of Writing
Reaktion Books (2004)

From the earliest scratches on stone and bone to the languages of computers and the internet, A...

Cinemas of the World: Film and Society from 1895 to the Present

Cinemas of the World

Film and Society from 1895 to the Present

Reaktion Books (2004)

In Cinemas of the World, James Chapman examines the relationship between film and society in the...

History of Language
Reaktion Books (2004)

As he charts the history of language from the times of Homo erectus, Neanderthal humans and Homo...

China to Chinatown: Chinese Food in the West

China to Chinatown

Chinese Food in the West

Reaktion Books (2004)

China to Chinatown tells the story of one of the most notable examples of the globalization of food:...

Global Financial System 1750-2000
Reaktion Books (2004)

This book traces the evolution of the highly integrated global financial system from 1750 to the...

Geopolitics and Globalization in the Twentieth Century
Reaktion Books (2004)

This book looks at the struggle between the processes of globalization and geopolitical forces over...

The Mongol Conquests in World History
Reaktion Books (2013)

The Mongol Empire can be seen as marking the beginning of the modern age, and of globalization as...