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Jane Hawk

by Dean Koontz

Cover detail from the Random House edition of The Whispering Room 

Grieving widow and mother, Jane Hawk, is an FBI agent on leave, determined to investigate the bewildering death of her husband, by an apparent suicide. In her quest to find the truth, she discovers a wave of murder-suicides, linked to a sophisticated plot involving new biotechnology.

The scheme is so terrifying that the sinister cabal behind it will exterminate anyone who gets in their way. With her son in hiding and numerous people out to kill her, Jane must become an agile and unpredictable fugitive. She goes undercover and off the grid, which poses the challenge, how can anyone in today’s connected world be completely undetectable?

So begins The Silent Corner, the first book in the thrilling Jane Hawk action series (The Silent Corner, The Whispering Room, The Crooked Staircase, The Forbidden Door, The Night Window)  by master of suspense, Dean Koontz.  

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