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How Languages are Learned 4th edition - Oxford Handbooks for Language Teachers
Oxford University Press (2013)

Teachers are often told that new teaching methods and materials are 'based on the latest research'....

Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine
OUP Oxford (2019)

The fourth edition of the Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine has been revised throughout to include...

Oxford Handbook of Ophthalmology
OUP Oxford (2018)

This handbook offers a systematic summary of ophthalmic disease directed towards diagnosis, interim...

The Oxford Handbook of Megaproject Management
OUP Oxford (2017)

This Handbook provides state-of-the-art scholarship in the emerging field of megaproject management....

Oxford Handbook of Urology
OUP Oxford (2019)

This concise and comprehensive handbook covers all urology curriculum requirements up to and...

The Oxford Handbook of the Welfare State
OUP Oxford (2012)

The Oxford Handbook of the Welfare State is the authoritative and definitive guide to the...

The Oxford Handbook of Leibniz
Oxford University Press (2018)

This volume provides a uniquely comprehensive, systematic, and up-to-date appraisal of Leibniz's...

The Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Analysis
OUP Oxford (2015)

Fifty of the world's most distinguished scholars subject the analytic frameworks of contemporary...

Oxford Handbook of Geriatric Medicine
OUP Oxford (2018)

The Oxford Handbook of Geriatric Medicine provides user-friendly advice in a field that has limited...

Oxford American Handbook of Disaster Medicine
Oxford University Press (2011)

This handbook encompasses the entire scope of disaster medicine from general concepts and...