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Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications

Computer Vision

Algorithms and Applications

Springer London (2010)

Humans perceive the three-dimensional structure of the world with apparent ease. However, despite...

Introduction to Assembly Language Programming: For Pentium and RISC Processors

Introduction to Assembly Language Programming (2nd ed.)

For Pentium and RISC Processors

Springer New York (2006)

Assembly language continues to hold a core position in the programming world because of its similar...

An Introduction to Kolmogorov Complexity and Its Applications
Springer New York (2009)

Written by two experts in the field, this is the only comprehensive and unified treatment of the...

An Introduction to Kolmogorov Complexity and Its Applications
Springer New York (2013)

Briefly, we review the basic elements of computability theory and prob­ ability theory that are...

Specification of Software Systems
Springer New York (2013)

This is a textbook on software specification emphasizing formal methods that are relevant to...

Ethical and Social Issues in the Information Age
Springer New York (2007)

Since the publication of the ?rst edition in 1997, there have been tremendous changes in the ?elds...

Fundamentals of Computer Organization and Design
Springer New York (2006)

This advanced textbook provides a comprehensive survey of hardware and software architectural...

Programming Challenges: The Programming Contest Training Manual

Programming Challenges

The Programming Contest Training Manual

Springer New York (2006)

There are many distinct pleasures associated with computer programming. Craftsm- ship has its quiet...

Introduction to Constraint Databases
Springer New York (2006)

Differing from other books on the subject, this one uses the framework of constraint databases to...

Modal and Temporal Properties of Processes
Springer New York (2013)

In recent years, model checking has become an essential technique for the formal verification of...