Preservation, restoration, and conservation of antiquities.

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Uses of Heritage
Taylor and Francis (2006)

Examining international case studies including USA, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Laurajane Smith...

The Paradox of Regulation: What Regulation Can Achieve and What it Cannot

The Paradox of Regulation

What Regulation Can Achieve and What it Cannot

Edward Elgar Publishing (2011)

This up-to-date book takes a fresh look at regulation and risk and argues that the allure of...

Managing World Heritage Sites
Taylor and Francis (2006)

World Heritage Sites are some of the most recognised locations around the world. They include...

Intangible Heritage
Taylor and Francis (2008)

This volume examines the implications and consequences of the idea of ‘intangible heritage’ to...

Places of Pain and Shame: Dealing with 'Difficult Heritage'

Places of Pain and Shame

Dealing with 'Difficult Heritage'

Taylor and Francis (2008)

Places of Pain and Shame is a cross-cultural study of sites that represent painful and/or shameful...

Heritage: Critical Approaches


Critical Approaches

Taylor and Francis (2012)

Historic sites, memorials, national parks, museums…we live in an age in which heritage is...

Elements of Archaeological Conservation
Taylor and Francis (1990)

Clearly laid out and fully illustrated, this is the only comprehensive book on the subject at an...

New Heritage: New Media and Cultural Heritage

New Heritage

New Media and Cultural Heritage

Yehuda Kalay, Thomas Kvan and 1 more...
Taylor and Francis (2007)

The use of new media in the service of cultural heritage is a fast growing field, known variously as...

Heritage Studies: Methods and Approaches
Taylor and Francis (2009)

This is the first volume specifically dedicated to the consolidation and clarification of Heritage...

Access to History: War and Peace: International Relations 1890-1945 Fourth Edition
Hodder Education (2015)

Give your students the best chance of success with this tried and tested series' combination of...