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Annual Plant Reviews, Plant Mitochondria
Wiley (2007)

Mitochondria are critical organelles in the metabolic regulation of almost all eukaryotic organisms....

Annual Plant Reviews, Senescence Processes in Plants
Wiley (2008)

The scientific and economic significance of plant senescence means that much effort has been made to...

Annual Plant Reviews, Plasmodesmata
Wiley (2008)

Since their discovery over 100 years ago, plasmodesmata have been the focus of intense...

Annual Plant Reviews, Light and Plant Development
Wiley (2008)

Living organisms are subject to fluctuating environmental conditions. Whereas most animals are able...

Annual Plant Reviews, Cell Cycle Control and Plant Development
Wiley (2008)

The cell cycle in plants consists of an ordered set of events, including DNA replication and...

Plant Secondary Metabolites: Occurrence, Structure and Role in the Human Diet

Plant Secondary Metabolites

Occurrence, Structure and Role in the Human Diet

Wiley (2008)

Plant secondary metabolites have been a fertile area of chemical investigation for many years,...

Plant Solute Transport
Wiley (2008)

This book provides a broad overview of solute transport in plants. It first determines what solutes...

Plant Desiccation Tolerance
Wiley (2008)

Plant desiccation tolerance is of great basic and applied scientific interest. Understanding plant...

Plant Tropisms
Wiley (2008)

Tropisms, the defined vectorial stimuli, such as gravity, light, touch, humidity gradients, ions,...

Plant Proteomics: Technologies, Strategies, and Applications

Plant Proteomics

Technologies, Strategies, and Applications

Wiley (2008)

Confidently face the challenges of proteomics research specific to plant science with the...