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Grid Computing: The Savvy Manager's Guide
Elsevier Science (2005)

A decade ago, the corporate world viewed grid computing as a curiosity. Today, it views it as an...

Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Implementation Guide
McGraw-Hill Education (2007)

Install and Configure Grid Control to Manage Your Oracle Landscape Build a robust grid computing...

A Networking Approach to Grid Computing
Wiley (2004)

Explores practical advantages of Grid Computing and what is needed by an organization to migrate to...

The Grid: Core Technologies

The Grid

Core Technologies

Wiley (2005)

Find out which technologies enable the Grid and how to employ them successfully! This invaluable...

Market-Oriented Grid and Utility Computing

The first single-source reference covering the state of the art in grid and utility computing...

The Grid 2: Blueprint for a New Computing Infrastructure

The Grid 2 (2nd ed.)

Blueprint for a New Computing Infrastructure

Elsevier Science (2003)

"The Grid is an emerging infrastructure that will fundamentally change the way we think about-and...

Grid Computing Security
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2007)

Grid computing is widely regarded as a technology of immense potential. Together with a brief...

Grids, Clouds and Virtualization
Springer London (2010)

This timely overview presents the fundamental principles and techniques involved with grids, clouds...

Distributed Data Management for Grid Computing
Wiley (2005)

Discover grid computing-how to successfully build, implement, and manage widely distributed...

Grid Networks: Enabling Grids with Advanced Communication Technology

Grid Networks

Enabling Grids with Advanced Communication Technology

Wiley (2006)

A book that bridges the gap between the communities of network and Grid experts. Grid Networks ...