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iPAQ For Dummies
Wiley (2004)

With an iPAQ in your pocket, you have a whole world of technology literally at your fingertips. The...

Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 for Photographers
Taylor & Francis (2007)

Great pictures don’t just happen, you make them. Unleash your creative potential with this...

Computer Fundamentals: Architecture & Organisation

Computer Fundamentals (4th ed.)

Architecture & Organisation

New Age International Pvt. Ltd., Publishers (2007)

The fourth edition of this widely used book includes several new topics to make the coverage more...

An Introduction to Parallel and Vector Scientific Computation
Cambridge University Press (2006)

In this introductory text, the fundamental algorithms of numerical linear algebra are developed in a...

GPRS: Gateway to Third Generation Mobile Networks

GPRS (2nd ed.)

Gateway to Third Generation Mobile Networks

Artech House (2003)

This innovative new book explains how GPRS (general packet radio service) allows you to expand your...

R For Dummies
Wiley (2012)

Master the programming language of choice among statisticians and data analysts worldwide Coming...

Introduction to Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
Elsevier Science (2003)

Assuming only a general science education this book introduces the workings of the microprocessor,...

How to Do Everything with Your iPAQ Pocket PC, Third Edition
McGraw-Hill Education (2006)

Maximize all the powerful capabilities of your iPAQ Pocket PC with help from this easy-to-use guide....

How to Do Everything with Your Dell Axim Handheld, Second Edition
McGraw-Hill Education (2005)

Get the most out of your Dell Axim with this step-by-step guide. How to Do Everything with Your...

Mobile Interface Theory: Embodied Space and Locative Media

Mobile Interface Theory

Embodied Space and Locative Media

Taylor and Francis (2011)

Mobile media – from mobile phones to smartphones to netbooks – are transforming our daily lives. We...