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The Culturally Customized Web Site
Taylor and Francis (2005)

In The Culturally Customized Web Site, Nitish Singh and Arun Pereira focus on cultural aspects of...

ColdFusion MX Developer's Handbook
Wiley (2006)

ColdFusion is an extremely powerful web-development tool. Despite its short initial learning curve,...

Tips and Tricks for Web Site Managers
Taylor and Francis (2000)

There are many challenges to Web site management: collecting and collating information, developing a...

Hack Proofing ColdFusion
Elsevier Science (2002)

The only way to stop a hacker is to think like one! ColdFusion is a Web application development...

Web Bloopers: 60 Common Web Design Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them

Web Bloopers

60 Common Web Design Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them

Elsevier Science (2003)

The dot.com crash of 2000 was a wake-up call, and told us that the Web has far to go before...

World Wide Web: How to design and Construct Web Pages

World Wide Web

How to design and Construct Web Pages

Taylor and Francis (2000)

A practical introduction to the creation of Web pages, this title has been fully revised and...

High-Performance Web Databases: Design, Development, and Deployment

High-Performance Web Databases

Design, Development, and Deployment

CRC Press (2000)

As Web-based systems and e-commerce carry businesses into the 21st century, databases are becoming...

ColdFusion 9 Developer Tutorial
Packt Publishing (2010)

Create robust professional web applications with ColdFusion

Foundations of Ajax
Apress (2006)

Ajax burst onto the Web development scene by offering highly interactive, desktop-like Web...

Implementing Semantic Web Services: The SESA Framework
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2008)

Service-oriented computing has become one of the predominant factors in IT research and development...