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R Projects For Dummies
Wiley (2018)

Make the most of R’s extensive toolset R Projects For Dummies offers a unique learn-by-doing...

Industrial Statistics with Minitab
Wiley (2012)

Industrial Statistics with MINITAB demonstrates the use of MINITAB as a tool for performing...

Statistics and Data with R: An Applied Approach Through Examples

Statistics and Data with R

An Applied Approach Through Examples

Wiley (2008)

R, an Open Source software, has become the de facto statistical computing environment. It has an...

An Introduction to Quantum Computing
OUP Oxford (2006)

This concise, accessible introduction to quantum computing is aimed at advanced undergraduate and...

Getting Started with R: An Introduction for Biologists

Getting Started with R (2nd ed.)

An Introduction for Biologists

OUP Oxford (2017)

A popular entry-level guide into the use of R as a statistical programming and data management...

Excel 2013: The Missing Manual
O'Reilly Media (2013)

The world’s most popular spreadsheet program is now more powerful than ever, but it’s also more...

A Matlab Companion for Multivariable Calculus
Elsevier Science (2001)

Offering a concise collection of MatLab programs and exercises to accompany a third semester course...

Distributed Algorithms

In Distributed Algorithms , Nancy Lynch provides a blueprint for designing, implementing, and...

A Physicist's Guide to Mathematica
Elsevier Science (2011)

For the engineering and scientific professional, A Physicist’s Guide to Mathematica, Second Edition...

Essential Matlab for Engineers and Scientists
Elsevier Science (2009)

The essential guide to MATLAB as a problem solving tool This text presents MATLAB both as a...