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On the History of the Idea of Law
Cambridge University Press (2005)

Collects the basic theories of law propounded by the great philosophers.

Practice Notes on County Court Procedure
Taylor and Francis (2001)

1999 saw the greatest revolution in civil practice and procedure for over 100 years with the...

Briefcase on Family Law
Taylor and Francis (2001)

This Briefcase  is made up of a very wide selection of cases chosen so as to enunciate and...

Legal Translation Explained
Taylor and Francis (2014)

Focusing on the problems of translating English legal language, Alcaraz and Hughes offer a...

Comparative Law - Engaging Translation
Taylor and Francis (2014)

In an era marked by processes of economic, political and legal integration that are arguably...

Forgotten Justice: Forms of Justice in the History of Legal and Political Theory

Forgotten Justice

Forms of Justice in the History of Legal and Political Theory

OUP Oxford (2013)

Challenging the assumptions of modern political and legal philosophy, this book presents a...

Comparative Reasoning in European Supreme Courts
OUP Oxford (2013)

When and why do judges use inspiration from other systems in solving cases in national law? This...

Rhetoric and The Rule of Law: A Theory of Legal Reasoning

Rhetoric and The Rule of Law

A Theory of Legal Reasoning

OUP Oxford (2005)

This book discusses theories of legal reasoning and provides an overall view of the rhetoric of...

The Judge in a Democracy
Princeton University Press (2009)

Whether examining election outcomes, the legal status of terrorism suspects, or if (or how) people...

On Law and Reason
Springer Netherlands (2008)

The first edition of this book introduced a coherence theory of law that influenced the development...