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Third Party Policing
Cambridge University Press (2006)

The first comprehensive exploration of third party policing and its implications.

Crime And Punishment In England: An Introductory History

Crime And Punishment In England

An Introductory History

John Briggs, Mr John Briggs and 3 more...
Taylor and Francis (1996)

This survey of crime in ENgland from the medieval period to the present day synthesizes case-study...

Ideology, Crime and Criminal Justice
Taylor and Francis (2013)

In this book six leading criminologists address the central issues of ideology, crime and criminal...

The New Politics of Crime and Punishment
Taylor and Francis (2013)

This book provides an overview of recent government initiatives in the field of crime and...

Crime and Inequality
Taylor and Francis (2013)

This book examines key relationships between material circumstances and crime, and analyzes the...

Street Crime
Taylor and Francis (2013)

Street crime remains high on the public and political agenda, and is frequently the subject of media...

A Fair Hearing?
Taylor and Francis (2013)

This book reports on research which investigates the perceptions of ethnic minorities concerning...

Investing in Children: Policy, Law and Practice in Practice

Investing in Children

Policy, Law and Practice in Practice

Taylor and Francis (2013)

This book brings together insights from a range of disciplines, including law, sociology,...

Justice, Community and Civil Society: A Contested Terrain
Taylor and Francis (2013)

Over the last decade there has arisen considerable disquiet about the relationship between criminal...

Public Opinion and Criminal Justice: Context, Practice and Values
Taylor and Francis (2013)

Public opinion is vital to the functioning of the criminal justice system but it is not at all clear...