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Survival: Stop Living in Fear!


Stop Living in Fear!

Random House Publishing Group (2011)

Safe, common-sense advice for dealing with every kind of crime—what to do, what to say, how to act,...

Reducing Crime: The Effectiveness of Criminal Justice Interventions

Reducing Crime

The Effectiveness of Criminal Justice Interventions

Based on extensive research initiated by the UK Home Office, Reducing Crime offers an objective look...

Planning for Crime Prevention: A Transatlantic Perspective
Taylor and Francis (2001)

Crime and the fear of crime are issues high in public concern and on political agendas in most...

Limited Responsibilities: Social Movements and Criminal Justice

Limited Responsibilities

Social Movements and Criminal Justice

Taylor and Francis (1995)

Limited Responsibilities explores the interaction between the criminal justice system and the wider...

Crime Prevention and the Built Environment
Taylor and Francis (2007)

With a comprehensive analysis, this book links theory, evidence and practical application to bridge...

The Handbook of Community Safety Gender and Violence Prevention: Practical Planning Tools
Taylor and Francis (2008)

Violence and insecurity are among the most important issues facing communities in the 21st century....

Crime Control and Community
Taylor and Francis (2013)

Community-based crime control has become one of the principal policy responses to crime and disorder...

Raising the Bar
Taylor and Francis (2012)

This book provides a definitive review of knowledge about bar room environments and their...

Criminal Justice and Political Cultures
Taylor and Francis (2012)

As crime increasingly crosses national boundaries, and international co-operation takes firmer...

Crime, Risk and Justice
Taylor and Francis (2012)

Crime control has risen rapidly up the social and political agendas to become a central feature of...