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Soft X-Rays and Extreme Ultraviolet Radiation: Principles and Applications
Cambridge University Press (2007)

This self-contained, comprehensive book describes the fundamental properties of soft X-rays and...

Celestial Messengers: Cosmic Rays: The Story of a Scientific Adventure

Celestial Messengers

Cosmic Rays: The Story of a Scientific Adventure

Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2012)

This book describes from a historical point of view research in cosmic rays and how they were...

X-rays in Atomic and Nuclear Physics
Cambridge University Press (1990)

Discusses the methods of X-ray production.

Nonrelativistic Quantum X-Ray Physics
Wiley (2014)

Providing a solid theoretical background in photon-matter interaction, Nonrelativistic Quantum X-Ray...

Organic Electroluminescence
CRC Press (2018)

Organic light-emitting diode(OLED) technology has achieved significant penetration in the commercial...

XAFS for Everyone
CRC Press (2013)

XAFS for Everyone provides a practical, thorough guide to x-ray absorption fine-structure (XAFS)...

X-Ray Scattering From Semiconductors (2nd Edition)
World Scientific Publishing Company (2003)

This book presents a practical guide to the analysis of materials and includes a thorough...

X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry and Related Techniques: An Introduction
Momentum Press (2013)

X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF) is a well-established analytical technique for qualitative and...

Two-Dimensional X-Ray Diffraction
Wiley (2009)

Written by one of the pioneers of 2D X-Ray Diffraction, this useful guide covers the fundamentals,...

X-Ray Diffraction by Polycrystalline Materials
Wiley (2010)

This book presents a physical approach to the diffraction phenomenon and its applications in...