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Groundwater Response to Changing Climate
CRC Press (2010)

Groundwater systems are vital to both society and the environment, supporting food production and...

Environmental Hydrogeology
CRC Press (1753)

Headlines continue to blare news of climate change, tangential catastrophic events, and dwindling...

Hydrogeology and Groundwater Modeling
CRC Press (2006)

Coupling the basics of hygrogeology with analytical and numerical modeling methods, Hydrogeology and...

Groundwater Governance in the Indo-Gangetic and Yellow River Basins: Realities and Challenges
CRC Press (2009)

One of the key features of agricultural development in the last five decades has been intensive...

Coastal Aquifer Management-Monitoring, Modeling, and Case Studies
CRC Press (2003)

Approximately 70% of the world's population lives in coastal areas, and the majority of these people...

Site Assessment and Remediation Handbook
CRC Press (2003)

Completely revised and updated, the Second Edition of Site Assessment and Remediation Handbook...

Nitrates in Groundwater: IAH Selected Papers on Hydrogeology 5

Nitrates in Groundwater

IAH Selected Papers on Hydrogeology 5

CRC Press (2004)

The first book devoted entirely to the problem of nitrate risk and behaviour in groundwater, this...

Submarine Groundwater
CRC Press (2006)

Sustainable management of water resources is quickly increasing in importance on a global scale. An...

The Essential Handbook of Ground-Water Sampling
CRC Press (2006)

Tremendous improvements in ground-water sampling methodologies and analytical technologies have made...

Aquifer Test Modeling
CRC Press (2006)

In recognition of the trend toward using numerical methdos for analyzing aquifer test data, Aquifer...