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Whilst immigration policy is a highly controversial topic in the West, states continue to receive...

Unaccompanied Children in European Migration and Asylum Practices: In Whose Best Interests?

Unaccompanied minor migrants are underage migrants, who for various reasons leave their country and...

Border Security: Shores of Politics, Horizons of Justice

Border Security

Shores of Politics, Horizons of Justice

Taylor and Francis (2017)

What kind of a world is one in which border security is understood as necessary? How is this...

Children's Rights and Refugee Law: Conceptualising Children within the Refugee Convention

Children's Rights and Refugee Law

Conceptualising Children within the Refugee Convention

Taylor and Francis (2017)

Children make up half of the world’s refugees and over 40 per cent of the world’s asylum seekers....

Law and Asylum: Space, Subject, Resistance

Law and Asylum

Space, Subject, Resistance

Taylor and Francis (2018)

In contrast to the claim that refugee law has been a key in guaranteeing a space of protection for...

Global Labour and the Migrant Premium: The Cost of Working Abroad
Taylor and Francis (2018)

This book provides the first systematic account of the premium costs that migrants pay to live and...

The Rohingya in South Asia: People Without a State
Taylor and Francis (2018)

The Rohingya of Myanmar are one of the world’s most persecuted minority populations without...

Transnational Crime: Law, Theory and Practice at the Crossroads

Transnational Crime

Law, Theory and Practice at the Crossroads

Jessica Roher, Nicola Guarda and 1 more...
Taylor and Francis (2018)

Philip Jessup coined the term "transnational law" in his Storrs Lecture on Jurisprudence delivered...

Theorising Noncitizenship: Concepts, Debates and Challenges

Theorising Noncitizenship

Concepts, Debates and Challenges

Taylor and Francis (2018)

‘Noncitizenship’, if it is considered at all, is generally seen only as the negation or deprivation...

Crime Prevention, Migration Control and Surveillance Practices: Welfare Bureaucracy as Mobility Deterrent
Taylor and Francis (2018)

EU expansion has stoked fears that criminals from the East may abuse freedom of movement to exploit...