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Handbook of International Law
Cambridge University Press (2005)

A concise and accessible account of international law by an experienced practitioner.

Imperialism, Sovereignty and the Making of International Law

Examines the relationship between imperialism and international law.

Research Handbook on the Theory and History of International Law
Edward Elgar Publishing (2011)

This pioneering Research Handbook with contributions from renowned experts, provides a comprehensive...

The Perils of Global Legalism
University of Chicago Press (2009)

The first months of the Obama administration have led to expectations, both in the United States and...

Public International Law
Taylor and Francis (2015)

The 5th edition of Public International Law continues the book’s accessible, student-friendly...

Optimal Protection of International Law: Navigating between European Absolutism and American Voluntarism

Optimal Protection of International Law

Navigating between European Absolutism and American Voluntarism

Cambridge University Press (2008)

In this book, Joost Pauwelyn considers how the increasingly sophisticated field of international law...

United States Practice in International Law: Volume 1, 1999–2001
Cambridge University Press (2003)

A wide-ranging and in-depth 2002 survey of U.S. practice in international law in the period...

The United States and the Rule of Law in International Affairs
Cambridge University Press (2004)

John Murphy analyses why the US finds it increasingly difficult to adhere to the rule of law in...

International Law on the Left: Re-examining Marxist Legacies

International Law on the Left

Re-examining Marxist Legacies

Cambridge University Press (2008)

This volume of essays explores the contemporary relevance of Marxism to international law.

The Evolving Dimensions of International Law: Hard Choices for the World Community

The Evolving Dimensions of International Law

Hard Choices for the World Community

Cambridge University Press (2010)

Examines developments in sources of public international law and those in some primary rules of law...