The end of war. Armistice. Surrender. Postliminy

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Housing, Land, and Property Rights in Post-Conflict United Nations and Other Peace Operations: A Comparative Survey and Proposal for Reform
Cambridge University Press (2008)

This book is about the UN's role in housing, land, and property rights in countries after violent...

The Role of International Law in Rebuilding Societies after Conflict: Great Expectations
Cambridge University Press (2009)

This volume of essays investigates the many roles international law can play in rehabilitating...

Reparation for Victims of Crimes against Humanity: The healing role of reparation
Taylor and Francis (2014)

Each year, countless people fall victim to crimes against humanity. These include widespread...

Politics and the Past: On Repairing Historical Injustices

Politics and the Past

On Repairing Historical Injustices

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (2004)

Offering a nuanced, historically grounded, and critical perspective, this book presents a...