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I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
Random House Publishing Group (2009)

Here is a book as joyous and painful, as mysterious and memorable, as childhood itself. I Know Why...

The Scribner Anthology of Contemporary Short Fiction: 50 North American Stories Since 1970
Scribner (2007)

Fifty remarkable short stories from a range of contemporary fiction authors including Junot Diaz,...

Twelve Angry Men
Penguin Publishing Group (2006)

A landmark American drama that inspired a classic film and a Broadway revival—featuring an...

Tibetan Peach Pie: A True Account of an Imaginative Life

Tibetan Peach Pie

A True Account of an Imaginative Life

HarperCollins (2014)

Internationally bestselling novelist and American icon Tom Robbins' legendary memoir--wild tales of...

American Literature in Transition, 2000–2010
Cambridge University Press (2017)

This volume offers an overview of the major transitions that occurred in American literary culture...

Nobody Knows My Name
Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group (2013)

Told with Baldwin's characteristically unflinching honesty, this collection of illuminating, deeply...

Looking Backward 2000-1887
OUP Oxford (2009)

Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward (1888) is a thunderous indictment of industrial capitalism and a...

Visualizing Blackness and the Creation of the African American Literary Tradition
Cambridge University Press (2014)

This study examines how African American writers use visual tropes as literary devices to challenge...

The Cambridge Companion to Postmodern American Fiction
Cambridge University Press (2017)

This Companion is an authoritative, comprehensive, and accessible guide to the key works, genres,...

Unsettled Solidarities: Asian and Indigenous Cross-Representations in the Américas

Unsettled Solidarities

Asian and Indigenous Cross-Representations in the Américas

Temple University Press (2019)

Unsettled Solidarities examines contemporary Asian and Indigenous cross-representations within...