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Solving Polynomial Equation Systems II: Macaulay's Paradigm and Gröbner Technology

Solving Polynomial Equation Systems II

Macaulay's Paradigm and Gröbner Technology

Cambridge University Press (2005)

The second volume of a comprehensive treatise. This part focuses on Buchberger theory and its...

McGraw-Hill Education Algebra I Review and Workbook
McGraw-Hill Education (2019)

This engaging review guide and workbook is the ideal tool for sharpening your Algebra I skills! ...

Number Theory: An Elementary Introduction Through Diophantine Problems

Number Theory

An Elementary Introduction Through Diophantine Problems

World Scientific Publishing Company (2010)

This textbook presents an elementary introduction to number theory and its different aspects:...

A Student's Guide to Vectors and Tensors
Cambridge University Press (2011)

This book explains vectors and tensors in plain language to give undergraduate and beginning...

Algebra and Geometry
Cambridge University Press (2005)

Unified introduction to algebra and geometry, emphasising links between the topics. It is ideal for...

Linear Algebra Demystified
McGraw-Hill Education (2006)

Taught at junior level math courses at every university, Linear Algebra is essential for students in...

Algebra: Master Math

Algebra (2nd ed.)

Master Math

Course Technology PTR (2009)

Get ready to master the principles and operations of algebra! Master Math: Algebra is a...

Algebra Study Guide (2007)

Boost Your grades with this illustrated quick-study guide. You will use it from high school all the...

Schaum's Outline of Abstract Algebra
McGraw-Hill Education (2003)

Tough Test Questions? Missed Lectures? Not Rnough Time? Fortunately for you, there's Schaum's...

Matrix Algebra
Cambridge University Press (2005)

A stand-alone textbook in matrix algebra for econometricians and statisticians - advanced...