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A User's Guide to Spectral Sequences
Cambridge University Press (2000)

This book describes some of the most important examples of spectral sequences and some of their most...

Moduli Spaces
Cambridge University Press (2014)

A graduate-level introduction to some of the important contemporary ideas and problems in the theory...

3264 and All That: A Second Course in Algebraic Geometry

3264 and All That

A Second Course in Algebraic Geometry

Cambridge University Press (2016)

Forming the basis of a second course in algebraic geometry, this book explains key ideas, each...

Forbidden Configurations in Discrete Geometry
Cambridge University Press (2018)

Unifies discrete and computational geometry by using forbidden patterns of points to characterize...

Practice Makes Perfect Geometry
McGraw-Hill Education (2010)

A no-nonsense practical guide to geometry, providing concise summaries, clear model examples, and...

A Matlab Companion for Multivariable Calculus
Elsevier Science (2001)

Offering a concise collection of MatLab programs and exercises to accompany a third semester course...

Elliptic Tales: Curves, Counting, and Number Theory

Elliptic Tales

Curves, Counting, and Number Theory

Princeton University Press (2012)

Elliptic Tales describes the latest developments in number theory by looking at one of the most...

Beautiful Geometry
Princeton University Press (2014)

If you've ever thought that mathematics and art don't mix, this stunning visual history of geometry...

Regular Polytopes
Dover Publications (2012)

Foremost book available on polytopes, incorporating ancient Greek and most modern work. Discusses...

Lectures On Lie Groups
World Scientific Publishing Company (2000)

This invaluable book provides a concise and systematic introduction to the theory of compact...