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Analysis of Variance and Covariance: How to Choose and Construct Models for the Life Sciences

Analysis of Variance and Covariance

How to Choose and Construct Models for the Life Sciences

Cambridge University Press (2007)

A concise, systematic introduction to the principles of analysis of variance for post-graduates and...

Survival Analysis for Epidemiologic and Medical Research
Cambridge University Press (2008)

For readers with a minimal background in statistics, this text shows how to analyze and interpret...

Essential Medical Statistics
Wiley (2010)

Blackwell Publishing is delighted to announce that this book has been Highly Commended in the 2004...

Medical Statistics at a Glance
Wiley (2013)

Medical Statistics at a Glance is a concise and accessible introduction and revision aid for this...

Secondary Data Sources for Public Health: A Practical Guide
Cambridge University Press (2007)

A practical introduction to secondary data analysis, with a list of major sources in the United...

Handbook of Functional MRI Data Analysis
Cambridge University Press (2011)

Using minimal jargon, this book provides a comprehensive and practical introduction to the methods...

The Stata Survival Manual
McGraw-Hill Education (2009)

Offers you a step by step introduction to the basics of Stata software. This book helps you with...

Mathematical Ideas in Biology
Cambridge University Press (1968)

This is a lucid introduction to some of the mathematical ideas which are useful to biologists.

Modelling for Field Biologists and Other Interesting People
Cambridge University Press (2007)

A friendly 2007 guide to mathematical modelling for evolutionary and behavioural ecologists.

Environmental Social Sciences: Methods and Research Design

Environmental Social Sciences

Methods and Research Design

Cambridge University Press (2010)

A comprehensive 2010 summary of interdisciplinary social methods and research strategies for...