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The Rings of Saturn
Random House (2013)

The Rings of Saturn begins as the record of a journey on foot through coastal East Anglia. From...

Viroid Life: Perspectives on Nietzsche and the Transhuman Condition

Viroid Life

Perspectives on Nietzsche and the Transhuman Condition

Taylor and Francis (1997)

Nietzsche's vision of the 'overman' continues to haunt the postmodern imagination. His call that...

Routledge Philosophy GuideBook to Hume on Knowledge
Taylor and Francis (1999)

David Hume was one of the most important British philosophers of the eighteenth century. The first...

Irony's Edge: The Theory and Politics of Irony

Irony's Edge

The Theory and Politics of Irony

Taylor and Francis (1994)

The edge of irony, says Linda Hutcheon, is always a social and political edge. Irony depends upon...

On Humanism
Taylor and Francis (2004)

humanism /'hju:meniz(e)m/ n. an outlook or system of thought concerned with human rather than...

The Nature of the Mind: An Introduction
Taylor and Francis (2003)

The Nature of the Mind is a comprehensive and lucid introduction to major themes in the philosophy...

On the Human Condition
Taylor and Francis (2004)

The potential to clone, augment, and repair human beings is pushing the very concept of the human to...

On Waiting
Taylor and Francis (2008)

'This is a quite remarkable book, a pleasure to read. Not only is it clear and informative but also...

The Concept of Mind: 60th Anniversary Edition

The Concept of Mind

60th Anniversary Edition

Taylor and Francis (2009)

First published in 1949, Gilbert Ryle’s The Concept of Mind is one of the classics of...

Content and Consciousness
Taylor and Francis (2010)

Content and Consciousness is an original and ground-breaking attempt to elucidate a problem...