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A Student's Guide to Maxwell's Equations
Cambridge University Press (2008)

A guide for undergraduate and graduate courses in electromagnetism and electromagnetics.

The Cambridge Handbook of Physics Formulas
Cambridge University Press (2000)

An invaluable quick-reference aid of more than 2000 of the most useful maths and physics formulas.

Electromagnetic Field Theory Fundamentals
Cambridge University Press (2009)

A user-friendly text on electromagnetics for undergraduate students.

Physics Formulas and Tables (2007)

An essential reference guide for Physics and Engineering students. You will use it from college to...

Electronic and Optoelectronic Properties of Semiconductor Structures
Cambridge University Press (2007)

An introduction, for graduate students, to the underlying physics behind devices that drive today's...

Fundamentals Of Semiconductor Physics And Devices
World Scientific Publishing Company (1997)

This book is an introduction to the principles of semiconductor physics, linking its scientific...

ABC of Relativity
Taylor and Francis (2009)

First published in 1925, Bertrand Russell’s ABC of Relativity was considered a masterwork of its...

Nothing: A Very Short Introduction
OUP Oxford (2009)

What is 'nothing'? What remains when you take all the matter away? Can empty space - a void - exist?...

Maxwell Equations and the Principles of Electromagnetism
Infinity Science Press (2008)

Designed for upper division electromagnetism courses or as a reference for electrical engineers and...

Superconductivity: A Very Short Introduction
OUP Oxford (2009)

Superconductivity is one of the most exciting areas of research in physics today. Outlining the...